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Mold Remidiation

Mold RemidiationKleen Scene believes that knowledge and education are the two most important factors for identifying and remediating Hazardous Situations such as Crime Scenes or Mold Abatemenst.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to continuing education regarding  new equipment, state of the art remediation techniques, disease information and advances in Personal Protective Equipment. 

As long as Kleen Scene stays in the field of Bio-Hazardous Cleanup, we will always be at the forefront of this industry regarding education.  The more educated and well trained our staff is, the better we will be able to provide our clients with solutions to meet their needs.

Below is a list of Kleen Scene’s current Training and Certifications.


*Kleen Scene is a licensed Mold Remediation Contractor, certified by the MICRO School of Mold Remediation. 

iicrc*Kleen Scene is certified through the IICRC (International Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Companies) as an Odor Control Technician.

*Kleen Scene holds two certifications pertaining to the cleaning and decontamination of Illegal Drug Labs: Certified Drug Lab Worker and Certified Drug Lab Supervisor.  Training was received by Marine & Environmental Testing Inc.

*Certified through the Erie County Health Dept. For Bloodborne Pathogens Training. 

*OSHA Certified Confined Space Entry.

*OSHA Certified Personal Protective Equipment.

*OSHA Certified Hazard Communication (HAZCOM).