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Mold Remidiation

Distressed PropertyDistressed PropertyDistressed properties have commonly been referred to with many names.  “Garbage Houses, Trash Houses, Pack Rat Properties”, the list goes on and on.  Whatever your definition of choice, Kleen Scene has encountered these properties on many different occasions, all with great results. 

Whether it be from a neglectful tenant, acquisition of foreclosed property, or a health condition which disables many elderly or handicapped individuals from the proper cleaning of their home, Kleen Scene will respond to meet your needs. 

Many problems arise in unsanitary living conditions like these.  Allergic reactions, airborne bacteria, mold, and rodent & insect infestation are just a few of the common problems affiliated with neglected properties.  If you are not properly equipped and do not have the appropriate personal protective equipment, these conditions could pose a serious health risk to all parties involved.  Kleen Scene can handle every aspect of these difficult, and at times, hazardous cleaning situations.