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Mold Remediation and Restoration

Where does mold come from?

Mold spores are present everywhere in our environment and are in everyone’s home. Mold plays an extremely vital role in our world and aids in the natural breakdown of organic materials. However, mold becomes a problem when it grows indoors to the point where we are breathing in excessive amounts of mold spores that are higher than typical outdoor levels.

Indoor mold growth arises when everyday mold spores come in contact with a water source such as a leaky pipe, flood, roof leak or excessive humidity and combines with the proper temperature and a food source. Building materials inside of our homes provide the perfect food source as mold loves to grow on drywall, wood, cardboard, and paper materials. Water intrusion is the fuel for mold to grow while the building materials fan the flames. It’s essential to act quickly if you think that you have a mold problem before it continues to spread and cause additional damage.

The Mold Removal Process

The very first step in any successful mold remediation project is to identify and fix the source of moisture or water intrusion. This may stem from a one time problem such as a flood or sump-pump failure or it may be a constant problem, such as a leaky pipe, roof leak or improper ventilation. Once the water source has been identified, it is vital that this problem be fixed prior to any remediation or else mold can continue to grow and thrive in other areas of the home.

Once the water intrusion has been identified and corrected, we can then begin the process of physically cleaning and removing the mold from your property. This can start with the removal of damaged drywall, ceiling tiles, carpeting or any other contaminated and damaged building materials and contents. Other affected areas such as wood framing, concrete and other structural components of a building typically do not need to be removed from the home unless their durability has been affected due to excessive water damage. Most of the time these surfaces can be cleaned and treated without the need for removal.

Treatment for all remaining surfaces can vary, but typically involves vacuuming with commercial-grade HEPA Vacuums, washing of all hard surfaces with antimicrobial disinfectants and then the application of our 2 step chemical treatment. The first treatment will kill any remaining mold spores while the second treatment is designed to create a mold resistant coating on all treated surfaces.

Once we’ve finished the mold removal and cleaning process, 3rd party inspection and testing can be arranged to ensure that the mold has efficiently been removed and that your home or building is safe for future occupancy.

Why choose Kleen Scene?

Kleen Scene is a licensed Mold Abatement Contractor by the NY State Dept. of Labor. We have successfully completed hundreds of mold remediation projects and our fully-trained technicians follow strict protocols during the removal process. With two decades of experience specializing in mold removal, you can rest assured that we will successfully complete your project on time and on budget.

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