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Mold Remidiation

Kleen Scene VehiclesKleen Scene originally started out handling only Crime and Death Scenes, but due to the frequency of calls for other services, we have realized that we can help many more people by offering more to the community.  Below is a full list of our most commonly asked for services.



*Crime and Death Scene Restoration:  Compassionate, trained professionals willing to assist 24/7.  We comply with all local, state and federal laws in the handling of all medical waste and applicable cleaning procedures. 

*Mold Remediation: Properly trained technicians will physically remove the mold from your residence and apply chemical treatments to further discourage future mold growth using state of the art techniques and equipment.

*Distressed Property Cleanup: Cleaning of properties that have been neglected from vandalism, bad tenants, or those incapable of handling daily cleaning tasks. 

*Police Vehicle Decontamination: Efficient cleaning of police and emergency vehicles so they may safely be put back to use immediately.

Distressed Property*Odor Removal:  Kleen Scene is certified by the IICRC, (International Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Companies) as a Certified Odor Control Technician. From skunk odors to decomposed cadavers, Kleen Scene has a solution for your odor problems.

*Garbage & Debris Removal: One piece to a whole household, Kleen Scene will provide dumpster service or dispatch trucks to meet your needs. 

*Animal & Rodent Waste Cleanup: Proper removal and decontamination of all affected areas to include removal of all associated odors.  

*Post-Sewage Backup: Removal of raw sewage from basements and other areas where a backup may have occurred.  Complete disinfection and relief from any associated odors.