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Mold Remidiation

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Where does mold come from?

The truth to this question is simple. Mold spores are EVERYWHERE in our environment and are in everyone's home. Mold plays an extremely vital part in our environment and in the breakdown of organic materials. So, mold in general plays a huge role in our environment. The problem comes when mold grows indoors to the point where we are breathing in excessive amounts of mold spores that are higher than the typical outdoor levels.

Indoor mold growth arises when everyday mold spores come in contact with a water source such as a leaky pipe, flood, roof leak, or excessive humidity and combines with the proper temperature and a food source. Common food sources for mold inside the home are drywall, cardboard, paper materials, paint, and wood. As you know, most materials that are used to make homes today consist of these materials. Water intrusion is the fuel for mold to grow while the building materials fan the flames.

How do you fix the problem?

The very first step in any successful mold remediation project is to identify and fix the water intrusion.  This water intrusion may have come from a one time problem such as a flood, sump-pump failure or it may be a constant problem, such as a leaky pipe, roof leak, or buildup of excessive humidity.  Once the water source has been identified, it is vital that this problem be fixed prior to any remediation works or else mold can continue to grow and thrive in other areas of the home. 

Once the water intrusion has been identified and corrected, the mold will then need to be physically removed from your property. This can mean the removal of damaged drywall, ceiling tiles, carpeting or any other contaminated/damaged building materials.  Other affected items such as wood framing, concrete and other structural components of a building usually DO NOT need to be removed, unless their durability has been affected due to excessive water damage.  Most of the time these surfaces can be cleaned and treated without the need for removal. All other surfaces are treated with the use of commercial grade HEPA Vacuums and non-hazardous cleaning methods.  

Throughout the remediation process, Kleen Scene utilizes the most advanced technology, equipment, and non-hazardous chemicals to ensure that mold spores are not being transferred to other unaffected areas of your building.  Our technicians are highly trained in the proper use of containments, HEPA Filtration, Work Practice controls, and creating Negative Pressure differentials with Negative Air Machines (HEPA Air Scrubbers).  These machines are used to constantly filter and exchange the air in which we are working so any airborne mold spores being generated are immediately being trapped in our 3 stage filters.  We spare no expense in the purchasing of the best, most advanced equipment available to ensure that Remediation is done correctly.  Upon completion, a series of post clearance tests will be taken to prove that the work was done correctly and that the building is safe for occupancy.  

Attic and crawl space mold:
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Mold growth in the attic or crawlspace is almost ALWAYS caused by one of three problems: Poor ventilation, Venting of a bathroom exhaust fan directly into the attic and/or a roof leak.  Attic and crawlspace mold has to be treated slightly differently as it poses numerous challenges not apparent in other parts of the home.

The very first principal in Mold Remediation is to locate the water source and to physically remove the mold.  Mold growth in an attic typically will grow on the underside of the roof plywood and on the wood framing that supports it.  It is not common for mold to grow on the fiberglass insulation as fiberglass is not a good food source for mold.  So, in most cases, the insulation will not have to be removed if you have attic mold growth. 

Since you cannot remove the plywood roof decking without tearing off the whole roof, you have to treat this mold in a slightly different manner.  The mold is still going to be physically removed, but we do this by utilizing abrasive brushing methods and HEPA Vacuuming as opposed to removing the entire roof.  Once all of the contaminated plywood has been cleaned and HEPA Vacuumed properly, we can then proceed to apply our 2 step chemical treatment.  The first chemical is applied to  clean and remove any lingering mold spores and the second chemical is used to permanently keep the treated surfaces free of mold growth for the life of the structure.  These are the most scientifically advanced chemical treatments available anywhere in the world and have been utilized by Kleen Scene with great success for years.  This treatment comes with a fully transferable 30 Year Warranty--The best warranty in the business.

Why choose Kleen Scene?

Kleen Scene offers FREE initial consultations to come to your home or property to inspect for mold or other related fungal contamination.  Other companies may charge up to $125.00 just to come out to give you an estimate.  Kleen Scene does not operate our business this way.  We believe that estimates and our knowledge should be offered free of charge to our customers and to the good people of WNY.  We, like you, have bills, families and children to worry about--we want to offer you a reasonable, cost efficient solution to your mold problems without sacrifice.  

Kleen Scene only specializes in several areas of Environmental work.  We don’t perform basement waterproofing and we don’t paint houses like other so called “Mold Experts“.  We specialize in several areas of Environmental Cleanup and are committed to doing those several things extremely well. 

We also offer a fully transferable 30 Year Warranty--This is the best warranty in the business and is a testament to our knowledge and work practices.  After hundreds of successful remediation projects over the years, Kleen Scene has NEVER had one Warranty Claim. 

The problem with the Mold Remediation Industry:

Many customers come to us confused and overwhelmed with volumes of conflicting information given to them from the internet, friends and other so called “Mold Experts”.  There is more misinformation out there regarding mold than there is accurate information and it is very hard to know what to believe.   

The problem is that the Mold Remediation Industry is still a very young Industry and we are slowly learning more as a whole each and every year.  It is also completely un-regulated in New York State.  This means that to become a Mold Remediator, you are not required to have any training, license or credentials of any kind.  This has opened the doors for many high cost, quick fix “solutions” that just don’t work.  It has also allowed for just about ANYONEto claim to be a mold expert. 

Kleen Scene does not operate this way.  We have performed literally hundreds of successful mold remediation projects and continue to further our education whenever possible.  We have been locally owned and operated for over a DECADE.  We have heard the horror stories from many of our customers from companies who are just looking to make a quick buck with no regard to the customer’s health, well-being or their pocketbook.  There is no magic chemical that makes mold disappear.  There is no magic spray…No special solution.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

Kleen Scene pledges to all of our customers to always provide HONEST, INFORMATIVE and FREE answers to all your questions and we will never use scare tactics to scare someone into thinking their health is in jeopardy.  Many indoor mold problems can pose little, if any, immediate health risks depending on the species of mold and how much mold is present.  Contact Kleen Scene today to schedule your free, no hassle estimate!

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